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Monthly Yearly
Standard Affordable Plan
$ 18.99
AED 69.74
$ 2.98
AED 10.98
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Professional Provide Maximum
$ 30.98
AED 113.76
$ 4.98
AED 18.29
+ purchase now
Smart Bundle Smart Deal For Smart People
$ 48.99
AED 179.86
$ 7.98
AED 29.30
+ purchase now
Websites 2 Websites 15 Websites 95 Websites
Storage 5 GB Storage 15 GB Storage 25 GB Storage
Bandwidth 25 Bandwidth 60 Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Domain New Domain ($9.99) New Domain ($9.99) New Domain ($9.99)
Databases 5 Databases 10 Databases 15 Databases
Cpanel Cpanel + Softculous Cpanel + Softculous Cpanel + Softculous
Migration Free Migration Free Migration Free Migration
WordPress Free 1 Click WordPress install Free 1 Click WordPress install Free 1 Click WordPress install
Emails Free 15 Professional Email Free 15 Professional Email Free 15 Professional Email
Certificate Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate
Access Secure Access Manager Secure Access Manager Secure Access Manager
Cron jobs Unlimited Cronsjobs Unlimited Cronsjobs Unlimited Cronsjobs
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Technical Specifications

Proactive Monitoring

We provide DDoS protection and security monitoring around the clock to safeguard all of your personal and business data from spam, malware, and hackers.

Guarantee Server Uptime

You can encounter the genuine 99.99% uptime with us, brought together with our committed client care and servers that deal blasting quick speed consistently.

Languages & Performance

We support a wide range of programming languages, including PHP, CSS, HTML, and many others, in addition to providing high-level performance with all of our hosting plans.

Fast and High Core CPUs

With our high CPU, RAM, and disk IO limits, we are able to keep your website online and running smoothly at all times. With us, you can get the fastest load times!

Highly Secure FTP Access

We give you FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access so you can easily upload your website's files and ensure that all of your site data is safe.

1-Click install Scripts

We provide an app installation with just one click, making it simple to build your website while using your preferred app. With just one click, our customers can install all of the applications they love!


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24/7 Expert Support

We at Vebitsolutions are dedicated to giving you the best possible support and service. You may be confident that your technical difficulties will be fixed immediately with our round-the-clock experienced help.

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Money-back Guarantee

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee to make sure our customers are happy. We will give you a full refund of your money if, for any reason, you are unhappy with our service.

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100% Uptime Guaranteed

Therefore, why choose Vebit Solutions? We provide outstanding uptime, adaptable hosting packages, and first-rate customer service. Avoid having your website go offline by switching to Vebit Solutions right away

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shared Hosting? and its Pros?

Shared hosting is a popular and affordable hosting solution that hosts several websites on a single physical server. The server's resources, including storage space, bandwidth, and computing power, are shared by all websites. It is an excellent solution for individuals, small enterprises, and startups seeking to build an online presence without requiring substantial technical skills or a large financial commitment.
Pros of Shared Hosting:
Easy Setup and Maintenance
Technical Support

Who needs to deploy shared hosting?

Shared hosting is the best option for people and small companies searching for an economical and hassle-free way to host their websites people and small companies searching for an economical and hassle-free way to host their websites, shared hosting is the best option. With shared hosting, several websites are housed on a single server while splitting the associated expenses and resources. As the hosting provider manages server administration and maintenance, this hosting solution is ideal for new users or those with little technical knowledge. Furthermore, scalable shared hosting enables websites to simply update their resources as their demands change. The shared hosting solutions from VebitSolutions are affordable and designed to fulfill the needs of both individuals and small enterprises.

How do dedicated and VPS hosting compared to shared hosting?

There are important variations to take into account when contrasting shared hosting with dedicated and VPS hosting. You may have the most control and resources with dedicated hosting since an entire server is set aside just for your website. As opposed to shared hosting, VPS hosting divides a real server into several virtual servers and provides greater control and resources. With shared hosting, which is the most affordable option, server resources are shared with other websites, which results in a lack of control and resources. Selecting the ideal hosting service for your unique needs requires an understanding of these variations.